Our Story

Matthew and Shad met at Southern Utah University through the Miller Entrepreneurship Program. We both were hired to create the Hope Corps Program which aided small businesses impacted by the pandemic. In this program, we worked closely to help 15+ businesses establish a digital presence.

During our senior year at SUU, we were determined to start our own business by the end of the semester. Each week, we started writing down business ideas that we could pursue. We called these meetings our Pizza and Whiteboard sessions. Towards the end of January, I brought up the idea of making a card game like Cover Your Assets but about cryptocurrency. Shad, the great business partner he is saw the potential in the idea and suggested we start digging in.

As we started to develop our initial prototype and do market research, we learned two things. 

1.) Crypto card games didn’t really exist. 2.) Thousands of people wanted to learn about cryptocurrency but were too afraid to get started.

These two realizations fueled us to create Crypto Whales, the first simple crypto card game that would introduce you to the basics of cryptocurrency through an addictively fun gameplay. It has taken a year of hard work and grit, but we are excited for millions of card game lovers and crypto enthusiasts around the world to play Crypto Whales.

  • Matthew Matheson

    Matthew is from Cedar City, Utah. He loves rock climbing, canyoneering, and playing new card games with family and friends. He graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in Marketing and Management. He is excited for people to learn the basics of crypto while making fun memories with family and friends by playing Crypto Whales.

  • Shadrac Reyes

    Shadrac was born in Provo, Utah and has lived in 6 different states. When spending times with friends/family he loves to snowboard, climb, and play board games. When he is alone he likes to listen to audiobooks, watch movies, program, and get up to date on the crypto market. Shadrac graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree Computer Science. He is extremely pationate about cryptocurrency, and its many beneficial applications.